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If you want Nazis to stop bugging you on Twitter, it helps to be famous

"When Twitter users report harassment on the website, their reports land in one of two queues: one slower-moving line, and one high-priority 'VIP' line for verified users and Twitter employees’ favorite accounts," according to what former Twitter staff told The Daily Beast.

And Twitter doesn't seem to want to talk about it:

Twitter “doesn’t really have anyone from a harassment, academic, or activist background” responding to complaints, one former employee said, adding that the work is “going to developers who don’t use the platform.”

Reached for comment about how Twitter ensures fair treatment of harassment reports, a company representative asked for potentially identifying information on ex-Twitter employees The Daily Beast had interviewed, as well as more information on “why you believe this opinion is worth digging into?”

When The Daily Beast declined to give information on the former Twitter employees, the company did not return multiple follow-up emails.

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