Video profile of the world's fastest talker

You might recognize John Moschitta Jr. from TV commercials that feature his rapid-fire delivery. He can speak at up to 11 words a seconds, but for TV he slows it down to 7-8 words a second.

If you were a kid in the '80s, you might recognize this man, or, at least, you'll recognize his velocity of speech. John Moschitta Jr.'s motormouth dominated the airwaves with stints as the fast-talking FedEx guy, Mr. Testaverde on "Saved by the Bell" and the infamous Micro Machines Man. With the ability to say up to 11 words per second, Moschitta broke the world record and made a career out of his dizzying cadence. The Guinness-certified speed talker sat down to give us the whole scoop on his life in fast lane. Now, try to keep up.

Here's another video profile: