A million dollars in a rug store - and other ways Paul Manafort spent his allegedly ill-gotten fortune

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, recently indicted on federal criminal charges, allegedly laundered $18 million in money he earned illegally lobbying for Ukraine. CNN has a breakdown on how he spent it:

--Home improvement company in the Hamptons, in New York: $5.4 million.

--Home lighting and entertainment company in Florida: $1.3 million.

--Antique rug store in Alexandria, Virginia: $934,350, plus $100,000 related to those purchases.

--Men's clothing store in New York: $849,215.

--Landscaping in the Hamptons: $820,240.

--Antique dealer in New York: $623,910.

--Clothing store in Beverly Hills, California: $520,440.

--Investment company: $500,000.

--Contractor in Florida: $432,487.

--Contractor in Virginia: $125,650.

--A Mercedes-Benz: $62,750.

--A Range Rover: $47,000.

--Payments related to three Range Rovers: $163,705.

--Home equipment installation company in the Hamptons: $112,825.

--Property management company in South Carolina: $46,000.

--Art gallery in Florida: $31,900.

--Housekeeping in New York: $20,000.

The indictment also says Manafort used the money to buy three properties:

--Condominium in New York's SoHo neighborhood for $1.5 million.

--Brownstone in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens neighborhood for $3 million.

--House in Arlington, Virginia, for $1.9 million.

The indictment says Manafort listed the SoHo condominium on Airbnb for at least a year, beginning in January 2015, and took advantage of the tax benefits of owning a rental property.

Side note: Manafort and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who Manafort lobbied for, look like they were separated at birth:

Image of Manafort: Disney | ABC Television Group Image of Yanukovich: Agência Brasil 2011