Majority of Democrats and Republicans support gun control

The NRA would have you believe gun control is an us-vs-them situation. It's closer to being an us-and-them-vs-NRA-and-the-politicians-they-own situation.

From a PEW research poll via CNN:

It's no secret that Washington has long been divided on new gun control laws. But Americans themselves might not be so divided (at least, on a few things) after all.

There are many areas of gun policy that split the country, but majorities in both parties do come together to support several key gun control measures, according to a survey this spring from the Pew Research Center.

Broad majorities of more than eight in 10 Republicans and Democrats (and independents who lean toward each party) support blocking people who are mentally ill and people on federal no-fly or watch lists from buying guns.

Majorities also favor background checks for private and gun show sales, though the number of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents falls slightly to three in four on this potential policy.

And, though only by a slim margin among Republicans, majorities of both parties even back an assault weapons ban and creating a new federal database to track gun sales. (Support among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents for these priorities remains around eight in 10, creating a broad gap between the two parties' support.)