Paul Manafort wants to remove his ankle monitor, offers his Trump Tower condo as collateral

Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman and lobbyist for horrible dictators, was indicted last week for laundering money he made lobbying for foreign powers. The court considers Manafort a flight risk and put a monitor cuff around his ankle. He doesn't like that. He promises to be a good boy and is even willing to put up his Trump Tower condo as collateral.

From New York Mag:

But for the time being, Manafort has pledged his Trump Tower apartment, "approximate net asset value $3 million," another $3.5 million asset located on Baxter Street in New York, and a Palm Beach Gardens home valued at $1.5 million, plus $4.5 million in life-insurances policies held in a trust in his or his wife's name.

He wants to be able to travel to D.C., Virginia, Florida, and New York, but he's agreed not to travel internationally.

But, as one source put it upon reviewing the court filing, "he really, really, really wants to be released from having to wear a GPS monitor."

Image: Wikipedia