When paparazzo tried to sell nude photo of Sia, she shut down his "business" in the best way

While I suspect most celebrities would immediately call their attorneys if a paparazzo sneakily shot a nude photo of them and then tried to sell it online, singer Sia took a different approach.

The creepy photographer in question snapped the shot of Sia from behind, when she was on vacation, "apparently taken with a long lens," according to The Guardian. And then he tried to sell it online.

But she nipped it it in the bud by offering the same photo to the public via Twitter – for free – thereby shutting down the pap's sleazy business scheme before it picked up steam.

"Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!" The last line of her tweet also refers to the title of her latest album, Everyday is Christmas. Brilliant!

Top image: digboston