More DIY shoe repair with Freesole urethane glue

Freesole urethane shoe glue saved another pair of shoes.

A well-loved pair of Keens that needed the toe caps re-glued. They were coming off and needed to be re-sealed with something that would also be flexible, and relatively watertight if properly applied. My shoe glue of choice is Freesole.

I store this adhesive in the freezer. Carefully cleaning the threads and pushing the glue all to the top of the tube before putting away helps ensure it is easy to open, and flows well for future use. Thawing it is easy, I just drop the tube, cap up, in a glass of hot tap water.

I gave the entire area inside the toe cap on my shoe a good coat of glue and then slowly eased the cap back into place. I used some elastic hair-ties, stolen from my daughter, to hold the cap in place.

24 hours later and the shoe is ready to go on a rainy day. Freesole has held on every pair I've used it on, including re-affixing the sole to a neoprene bootie. Good stuff!

Gear Aid Freesole urethane formula via Amazon