Carter Page's rambling, incoherent House Intelligence Committee Testimony, condensed

This week's release of 243 pages' worth of Trump advisor Carter Page's testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence may tempt you to devote a couple of hours to reading his lurid, rambling, bizarre and contradictory rambling, but if you'd prefer a summary, the Washington Post's Alexandra Petri's done a very good job of teasing out the substance, such as it is.

Page: I’ve never at any point in my life spoken to another human being. Also let me point out that there is a great difference between meeting with someone and meeting them, as in, a greeting, per se. I for instance have never had a meeting with anyone, because they have always been trying to make a tactful exit, but I have greeted many people in passing, sometimes running along the sidewalk for blocks shouting their name.

Gowdy: Did you interact with anyone from the Trump campaign?

Page: I may have run past the office shouting vague pleasantries at one point, but it is a blur.

Adam Schiff: Why did you travel to Moscow in 2016?

Page: Listen, I am a scholar. I have written a 500-page thesis, and I make speeches often —

Schiff: On what?

Page: I do not recall.

The paranoid Carter Page transcript: What in God’s name did I just read? [Alexandra Petri/Washington Post]

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