There is now a Ferry McFerryface ferry, and the crew is pissed

The year 2016, and a public vote, brought us Boaty McBoatface, followed by Horsey McHorseface. Then, earlier this year, Trainy McTrainface pulled into the station.

Now, there's a Ferry McFerryface.

Australia's largest city Sydney asked its citizens to name the new passenger ferry, and six others, in an online public poll. Over 15,000 entries came in. Boaty McBoatface was the number one choice, with Ferry McFerryface coming in second. Since there was already a Boaty, the transit service went with Ferry "for the kids."

While it might appeal to children, the union workers, who are slated to work on the amusingly-named boat, are offended:

Maritime Union of Australia Sydney branch assistant secretary Paul Garrett said ferry staff would boycott the new vessel, which is due to start service on November 26, saying the name was an "insult" that will last for decades.

"Members don't want to crew the vessel," he said. "It's an insult to the integrity and heritage of Sydney Ferries, it undermines the professionalism and pride of the fleet.

"This is not a five-minute internet sensation — this name has to be around for 20, 30, 40 years. This vessel will be left alongside the wharf until further notice."

Mr Garrett said maritime staff would only crew the vessel if it was renamed.

"Members will leave that vessel alone, we won't work it," he said.

(Pee-wee Herman)