Help Kate "Hark! A Vagrant" Beaton raise money for her sister's experimental cancer treatments

Kate Beaton (previously) is the creator of the astoundingly great Hark! A Vagrant webcomic) and is a bona fide Canadian culture hero; she is also in the midst of a terrible family crisis and wants our help.

Beaton's sister Becky beat cervical cancer in 2016, but it has come back and is said to be "uncurable." She is trying a host of experimental treatments, and needs to raise at least $150,000 to pay for them. I have contributed, in part because of my own family's experiences with losing young women to cancer, and in part to repay a tiny amount of the joy that Beaton has brought to me.

Beaton's Twitter is full of charming anaecdotes and illustrations about her sister and what this means for her family.

Becky's Rally Against Cancer

(via The Mary Sue)