After Roy Moore threatens to sue, the publisher puts him on notice to preserve all documents for their countersuit

Threatening to sue journalists who paint you in an unflattering light has been a pretty effective tactic for the Trump crowd — hell, Trump's special advisor Peter Thiel managed to destroy an entire media company in retaliation for their coverage of him, by secretly fronting legal fees for a clownish wrestler who had sex with his friend's wife — but multiply accused child molestor and Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore isn't very good at it.

After his lawyers threatened to sue for their rigorous reporting of the multiply sourced allegations of his sexual assaults on very young girls,'s lawyers informed Moore's counsel to expect a Rule 11 motion to censure them for their frivolous threats, and put Moore and his lawyers on notice that they "must now preserve all materials, documents, writings, recordings, statements, notes, letters, journals, diaries, calendars, emails, photographs, videos, computers, cell phones, electronic data and all other information that is or could remotely be relevant in any manner to any of the claims that [Moore's lawyers] have made."