Talking Casa Jasmina, a house of the future designed for people, not corporations, with Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruce Sterling

The Casa Jasmina project (previously) is an automated smart house designed to be made of open source hardware, with the needs of the people who live there — not the corporations who extract rent from them — in mind.

It was built by Jasmina Tesanovic — playwright, musician, war-crimes journalist, Boing Boing contributor — and Bruce Sterling — science fiction writer, digital art curator, design theorist — in Turin, Italy, the home of Arduino, and with the help of local makerspaces and Arduino itself.

In this 30-minute video ("The Closing Act of IAM Weekend 17 celebrated in Barcelona, on April 27-30, 2017"), Tesanovic and Sterling (a married couple) lay out the history, design philosophy, technical realities, and aftermath of the project. You couldn't ask for a better half hour of advanced, entertaining material on how the Internet of Things could be made to help people, rather than control them.

(via Beyond the Beyond)