Samthana Bee parodies Project Veritas operative crumbling under reporters' questions

It's a joy to watch this bumbling operative from James O'Keefe's sleazy smear organization Project Veritas realize she's been found out. Jamie T. Phillips, who tried to trick the Washington Post into running a phony story about Roy Moore, looks like she's about to throw up when it becomes clear to her that reporter Stephanie McCrummen knows she's a liar and an alt-right operative.

Below, Samantha Bee makes easy fun of the moronic organization.

From Matthew Dessem at Slate:

Samantha Bee did her own version, surreptitiously taping a conversation with a "job candidate" who claimed to want to work on Full Frontal. It's fun watching her confront her interlocutor with evidence of a GoFundMe titled "Help Me Move to New York to Infiltrate Liberal Cunt's Stupid Vagina Show," although it's a little less fun than watching McCrummen pull essentially the same move in real life. But Bee's reaction when she realizes she's talking to someone from Project Veritas is priceless, and worth learning from. She's positively thrilled to have encountered one of O'Keefe's terrible operatives, and finds the whole thing charming and flattering, which wasn't really an available option for a real reporter like McCrummen. But Bee's version of the encounter is a timely reminder of just how astonishingly stupid Project Veritas stings usually are. If they weren't so vicious, they'd almost be cute.