Check out 10 fun stocking stuffers under $25

Not all holiday gifts have to be game consoles, premium smartphones, or professional camera equipment. To help you find a great stocking stuffer (a gift apéritif, if you will) for under $25, we're discounting some of our favorite items from the Boing Boing Store by 15% with coupon code GIFTSHOP15:

IllumiBowl 2.0

All joking aside, this motion-activated toilet nightlight is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to drink a big glass of water before bed. Installation is easy — just clip it to the side of your bowl, and choose between one of nine luminous colors, or set it to cycle through all of them. We usually have the IllimuBowl 2.0 for $12.99, but you can save an extra 15% off with code GIFTSHOP15.

XXL Shower Speaker (Green)

The XXL Shower Speaker is the best way to give your morning routine a backing track without subjecting your phone to irreparable water damage. It sticks to any smooth surface, and gets up to a month of battery life on a single charge. Get it for 15% off the normal $20 price when you use GIFTSHOP15 at checkout.

Loot Crate Mystery Bundle: 5-6 Items

Loot Crate's subscription boxes come filled to the brim with geeky artifacts every month, and you can do a trial run with a single mystery box. They usually feature 5-6 items including t-shirts, books, and figures, but you won't know for sure until it comes! Use code GIFTSHOP15 to take 15% off this $17 bundle.

FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds

You can finally retire your sweat-encrusted workout headphones with these FRESHeBUDS Bluetooth earbuds. They turn themselves off when their magnets snap together, and pair automatically with your device when you pull them apart. Normally $24, save an additional 15% when you enter coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight: 2-Pack

It's always a good idea to have an emergency flashlight around the house, and these Tactical Military Flashlights are more than capable. Rated at 500 lumens, they let you see up to a mile ahead when focused, or light up your immediate surroundings. Two of these durable aluminum torches typically cost $12.99 in our store, but code GIFTSHOP15 will save you an extra 15%.

Scientific Magnetic Space Putty

This Silly Putty successor is filled with iron shavings, so it reacts to any strong nearby magnetic force. Watch it devour small magnets, stick to the fridge, and bounce off the walls whenever you need a break. Grab a tin of Scientific Magnetic Space Putty for 15% off it's $9.99 price with code GIFTSHOP15.

Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones & Tablets

Get creative with your smartphone's photos with a Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit. It clips on to any mobile device to provide a sturdy mounting point for the included fisheye, wide angle, and macro lenses. Save a few dollars off our standard $11.99 price when you enter code GIFTSHOP15 at checkout.

Endoscopic Android Camera

It's easy to get a view inside tight spaces with this Endoscopic Android Camera. It's got a flexible, waterproof 1 meter cable length, and it works with any desktop computer over USB just as well as your Android device. Normally $18.99, you can get 15% off with code GIFTSHOP15.

8x Dual Focus Monocular Lens

Spy on your neighbors, go birdwatching, or get a better view from the nosebleeds with this 8x Dual Focus Monocular Lens. It fits easily in your pocket, and the eyepiece is rubberized, so you can use it with your glasses. Save 15% on this $8 Monocular when you enter GiFTSHOP15.

Universal Waterproof Solar Charger

A portable battery pack is a must-have when you're far away from any source of alternating current, and this Universal Charger is waterproof, shock-proof, and rechargeable from the sun's rays. It's compatible with almost any USB-powered device, and can charge 2 of them at once. It usually costs $13.99, but it can be yours for 15% less with code GIFTSHOP15.