You can pay what you want for this Adobe CC training

Mastery of Adobe apps is encouraged, if not outright required for entry into creative industry roles. To take your skills beyond rudimentary Photoshop, we’re offering the Adobe CC Lifetime Mastery Bundle in the Boing Boing Store for a pay-what-you-want price.

This collection includes 9 comprehensive sections covering the essential parts of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Building your foundation in digital graphics, you’ll get an extensive introduction to raster editing with Photoshop, and vector artwork in Illustrator with two courses dedicated to each app. Going further, you’ll explore print production and layout with InDesign, website design using DreamWeaver, as well as professional animation and motion graphics with AfterEffects. This bundle even features a lesson on expert asset and image management with Adobe Bridge.

When bought separately, these courses are worth nearly $400 in total. But you can pick a price that fits your budget when you order the Adobe CC Lifetime Mastery Bundle here.