Newt Gingrich's bogus "support" of Al Franken gets reaction on Twitter

Former Speaker of the House and faux-family-values guy Newt Gingrich pretended to support Senator Al Franken in a bizarre tweet this morning, which got lots of action on Twitter.

"Franken 1,053,205 Minnesotans picked him for senate in 2014 30 self appointed pure senators want him out What happened to popular vote"

What? Obviously he's not supporting Al Franken, but rather he's setting the stage for a Roy Moore win. Getting out the message – and justification – that winning an election, or popular vote, trumps having a pedophile in the Senate. Hey Gingrich, does that go for perverted presidents too? Oh, but wait, Trump didn't win the popular vote, so never mind.

Image: Gage Skidmore