Charming interview with the creator of super-fancy paper cranes

Origamist Leyla Torres of Origami Spirit interviews paper crane enthusiast Cristian Marianciuc, and their lovely conversation covers a cool project that Marianciuc started over 1,000 days ago: creating a super-fancy paper crane each day.

Origami purists would point out that his paper cranes are not technically origami, because the paper is often cut as well as folded.

Via Origami Spirit:

• You are combining origami with other media, using the traditional origami crane both as canvas and primary integrating element to create a journal of your life. What inspired you to use the traditional origami crane in this way?

I have kept journals on and off as a teenager, and I still sporadically write down what is happening in my life. But I wanted to share my experiences with others without being too specific about personal details. I cannot recall the moment or the circumstance in which I decided I would use the crane model as a "blank canvas".

Most likely late at night – that time of the day is when I get most of my ideas. But my fascination with flying has definitely played an important role in this rather involuntary decision. And also a habit I had developed in 2014, when I would write down notes, to myself or for others, after which I folded them into cranes.

Greetings from a very windy Somerset! As some of you know, I am away, in the UK, with my parents. Dad is not too well. My desire to create things has fluctuated quite significantly lately. But I appreciated the freedom of not having to finish something within 24 hours. This bird is made of music and big, late night dreams. It also has a pinch of frustration and powerlessness! I did well to bring my watercolours with me! They are proving to be a much-needed means of escapism. My experiences from the past two weeks are compressed in the plumage of today's crane. I will shortly resume replying to all the lovely comments and messages I have received since reaching my goal of Senbazuru. But until then, I will need rest, and lots of it. (Dear heart, be still!) PS – today's crane will we available for purchase from my Etsy shop very soon. #origami #icarusmidair #watercolor #watercolour #mixedmedia #feathers #turquoise #etsy #etsyshop

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Creative Origami Cranes -Cristian Marianciuc INTERVIEW (YouTube / Leyla Torres)