Round up of Silicon Valley's worst apologies of 2017

The bros of Silicon Valley feel awful when they get caught doing something bad. It means they have to issue an apology hinting that they will consider looking into the possibility of conducting an internal audit of their policies. It's not easy to do that. How can they word in it such a way that won't enrage their major investors and shareholders at at the same time assuage the concerns of those they hurt?

Gizmodo presents "Silicon Valley's Worst Apologies of 2017"

This nightmarish riddle of negation from Jack Dorsey

Last month, Donald Trump retweeted a disturbing and violent anti-Muslim video. Twitter kept the videos up, citing the company's media policy, which still caused some confusion, so Dorsey tweeted from his personal account to help elucidate things. Only his tweet was barely comprehendible.

"We mistakenly pointed to the wrong reason we didn't take action on the videos from earlier this week," he starts, adding that the company is still investigating its policies on the matter. I read that sentence two, nay, three, NAY, four times, stripping it of its negative phrasing in an attempt to better wrap my head around it. "We were wrong" would have sufficed.