Driver sees woman covered in snow on park bench and calls ambulance, finds out woman isn't human

A concerned UK citizen called an ambulance from their car after spotting a person covered in snow, sitting stone still on a bench in the middle of a park. The ambulance rushed to the scene, only to find that the "person" was sitting stone still for a reason – she was actually a statue.

Paramedic Katie Tudor explained the mixup in a tweet:

According to Mashable:

"Somebody in their car spotted who they thought was a person covered in snow and called us," a West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman told ITV news. "An ambulance arrived straight away and our crew was there for exactly minute and one second."

"The woman who called us had good intentions," he continued, "but it's unfortunate that she didn't go over to check first that it wasn't a statue."

The statue is actually called "The Lady in the Park" and according to Brampton Park's website she was erected to commemorate "all the women in Newcastle-under-Lyme who lost husbands, sons and friends in the First World War and subsequent conflicts."