Japan has way more interesting Kit Kat flavors than rest of world

Jonathan Kaiman, the Beijing Bureau chief of The Los Angeles Times, reported on the history of how different flavor Kit Kat bars infiltrated Japan.

The country is home to an estimated 300 flavors (sake, cherry blossom, French salt, melon, "college tater," wasabi…) that began to transform the traditional chocolate covered wafer into unusual, yet supposedly satisfying snacks in the 1990s. Thanks to a marketing campaign to diversify souvenir shops in Hokkaido, the candy bar has been released in limited edition flavors throughout the past few decades.

Like other product launches, Nestle has created some flops, like the Kit Kat cough drop flavor. Regardless, the Kit Kat has maintained its interesting level of innovation in the country.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

The candy with the European pedigree went on to conquer Japan thanks to constant invention — blueberry cheesecake, cherry blossom and melon — and a linguistic coincidence that makes Kit Kats here a harbinger of good luck.

Image: Flying Toaster