An eye drop guide for wimpy guys like me

I CAN NOT put drops in my eye. It freaks me the heck out. I use this Auto Dropper when things get critical.

I will squirm, wrestle, wiggle and flee from any attempt to put drops in my eyes. The idea of contacts is kind of a laughable non-reality. Teams of luchadores Mexicanos could not hold me down! Nothing goes in my eyes!

I would spend a lot of time trying to get drops to contact the surface of my eye, especially in windy and smoky times like the California winter. Now, I employ the Auto Dropper. The contraption centers the bottle over my eye, holds open my lower eyelid open, and 1 time out of 3 gets the drop in place, because I still fucking hate eye drops.

When I get really twitchy, I'll just fill the corner of my eye with the solution and open the eye. It wastes a ton of liquid tho.

Ableware 786770001 Autodrop Eye Drop Guide via Amazon