The guy who makes videos of himself sitting and staring 4 hours at a time is still going strong

Benjamin Bennett's YouTube channel has 280 four-hour videos of himself sitting in a corner and smiling at the camera. I find his videos to be more exciting than Braco the Gazer's.

From Bennet's Patreon page:

Since 2014, I have been live-streaming and recording 4-hour videos to YouTube of myself sitting and smiling. I survive by spending very little money, so that I can spend the time it takes to make these videos. I don't like exposing viewers to ads, and I would like to go ad-free. If I can make enough money from this Patreon page, I will go ad-free. I do various freelance work in order to make money. Recently, I had some unexpected big expenses. Faced with the prospect of having to do much more work in order to pay for these expenses, and not being able to sit and smile very much at all, I have decided to reach out for patronage.

Because I have learned to be very frugal in my life and in my creative work, a small amount of patronage enables me to do a lot. Any amount of money that you give enables me to devote more time and energy to Sitting and Smiling, and also gives me space and time to create other forms of work. In addition to Sitting and Smiling, I am also a musician, and I make other forms of visual and performance art. I intend to reward patrons with exclusive new work, different from Sitting and Smiling, which I will post here as patron-only content.

My goal is to continue and increase the frequency of Sitting and Smiling, increase the quality of Sitting and Smiling, and to create new work. I am offering various rewards at different levels of patronage, so that hopefully, you'll get something valuable out of it in addition to supporting Sitting and Smiling.