UFO IPO-182 – Take me to your dealer: the Pentagon UFO story, crowdfunding, and Blink-182

The New York Times has an article about "Glowing Auras and 'Black Money': The Pentagon's Mysterious U.F.O. Program." $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, there are 2 declassified released videos that the reader is left to assume is proof of alien visitors (one of the authors of the articles is promoting a UFO book at this time). It has a lot of facts the NYTimes left out like the CEO of the newly formed crowdfunded company via the CROWDFUND ACT, Tom DeLonge. If you're wondering if it's that Tom DeLonge, yes! DeLonge was the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the band Blink-182. It was reported that DeLonge allegedly left Blink-182 in 2015 because of aliens and national security.

I took a look at the required public business documents; from what I can tell, the company is a way for a very confused 90s-band member to make entertainment with all his expenses paid, while at the same time claiming to be for science & education. I also noted it's a PBC – "Public Benefit Corporation." I do not think that will work out as the requirements will likely not be met.

Senator Harry Reid initiated the funding of the gov effort (Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program) and in the article(s) it is reported most of the money apparently went to Bigelow Aerospace founded by billionaire Robert Bigelow. Bigelow also owns the hotel chain Budget Suites of America.

Luis Elizondo (from the article) is the former U.S. Gov Director for the National Programs Special Management Staff who is mentioned in the UFO articles. Now he is Director of Global Security & Special Programs for TTS Academy! Elizondo recently resigned from the US gov which ran the "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program." Additionally, former U.S. Gov Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon is part of TTS Academy as National Security Affairs Advisor.

On the TTS Academy site, Dr. Colm Kelleher is listed as their Biotech Consultant. Kelleher co-wrote Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah. Bigelow bought that ranch and had it studied by his "National Institute of Discovery Science", defunct 2004. Dr. Hal Puthoff (known for the flawed research on self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller ), now, Vice President Science & Technology of TSS Academy.

In 1996 Robert Bigelow won a Pigasus Award from well-known psuedo-science-debunker James Randi for funding John E. Mack and Budd Hopkins, and for purchasing the so-called Skinwalker Ranch in Utah known for alleged UFO attacks, "interdimensional portals", and "cattle mutilations." The award was originally called the Uri trophy, after Uri Geller.

The new company To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science. On the TTS Academy site is the offering circular, the legal document filed with the SEC for a Regulation A offering. Interesting read on how the publicly-investable companies are formed, structured, who has to pay who, when, how much, etc. in the PDF.

We are required to pay a minimum royalty guarantee of $100,000 each calendar year. Under a Licensing Agreement, we are required to pay royalty payments to Tom DeLonge, Mr. Handsome, LLC, and Good In Bed Music, ASCAP (see "Intellectual Property", "Liquidity and Capital Resources", and "Interest of Management and Others in Certain Transactions").

All of the projects we are currently considering are subject to their own specific risks, but they include some of the following:

Engineering the space-time metric. This technology is in the very early stages, and success depends on a yet to be defined breakthrough in propulsion to enable traveling to the stars at near light speed.
Human ultra-experience database. This may involve extensive investment cost.

Telepathy. Research into telepathy may require scientific testing on persons, which will expose the company to different risk factors than its other proposed projects.

At the time of this writing, TTS Academy has 2,221 "investors" with $2,141,402. Minimum Investment: $200.00, Price Per Share: $5.00

Here is my write up – Adafruit blog.