Mod turns Quake into a lovely walking simulator

Quake, the 1996 classic game set in a grim and hellish world of stone, fire and blood, pulsed with danger and violence. But a new mod from JP LeBreton turns it into a calm walking simulator, complete with a soundtrack based on Nine Inch Nails' chilly 2008 album Ghosts I-IV, which is available under the Creative Commons. Alice O'Connor:

In short, it's a Quake that's retooled to be nice to potter about. Quake as a whole is incoherent and largely brown (I quite like its exploration of browns and blues), sure, but it does have some interesting places and architecture. …
LeBreton has previously released tourism mods for games including Unreal,
Deus Ex, and Thief, as well as a simpler one for Quake. He also keeps a game tourism page listing
mods and instructions to make other 90s FPSs–and their modern
descendants–safe to wander around.

Or if you'd rather Ghosts I-IV were paired with all the fragging and
gibbing of Quake's original campaign, hey, LeBreton explains how to disable
tourism too. He also details how to change which song plays on which level,
if you fancy a fiddle.

Download Ghosts I-IV For Quake from Itch. You'll need the
data files from a full copy of Quake to play, along with the Quakespasm fan-updated
engine. The readme explains how to make it work.