Woman's $284bn electric bill disputed

It's cold in Erie, but not that cold: a woman who received a $284bn electric bill made international headlines this week. But it sounds like the power company suspects she got busy with the web inspector…

Company spokesman Mark Durbin originally said the error was likely due to an errant decimal point, but after a lengthy investigation by the utility, First Energy can find no evidence of a $284 billion bill or that [Mary] Horomanski's son contacted First Energy about the matter.

"We have reviewed all the audiotapes and there is no record of anyone reaching out to us about this account," Durbin said. "And the only bill on record is the correct one for $284.46."

Horomanski on Wednesday told the Erie Times-News in a telephone interview that the original $284 billion bill was real and that it was later changed to its current amount. "Where do they think I got that amount from?" said Horomanski, who supplied the Erie Times-News with digital pictures of both online bills. "The only thing I did on the computer was that I went online, put my password and username in, and saw the amount of my bill." She said First Energy is trying to make her look like the bad guy after billing her $284 billion.