Some of 2017's most beautiful and striking objects

Rain Nos roundup of the Core 77's Favorite Objects from 2017 has some real beauts that are of note to aficionados of physical culture and made objects.

Three noteworthy items from the list:

1. The Stanley Master Series vacuum bottles, which are packed full of thoughtful design flourishes like easy-clean steel coatings on the places where forgotten coffee gunks up; vacuum sidewalls and an anti-spill silicone base on the cups, an improved rim optimized for better "lip landing"; and slightly thicker steel walls that make a significant difference in the flasks' robustness. Core 77's roundup of the design thinking here is fascinating in and of itself.

2. The rotating open/closed sign, a 3D printable open source object on Thingiverse, which began life as a design from Japanese mime Yosuke Ikeda, and was perfected by Matt Harrison.

3. The Hushme, a crowdfunded "mouth phone" that looks like a cyberpunk sex-play version of Bane's breathing apparatus, which is used to protect the privacy of your call and to avoid disturbing others.