Crowdfunding Lupiga, a progressive, independent voice combating rising fascism in Croatia

Lupiga is a longrunning, much-loved independent news source in Croatia that is virtually single-handedly doing battle with the country's surging fascist movement; they're crowdfunding to continue operations.

Lupiga's Ivor Fuka did an excellent interview with Lefteast's Mary Taylor, describing the work that Lupiga does and what it means in Croatia's increasingly toxic political atmosphere.

I backed them after reading the interview.

Some of Lupigas' stories that received great attention from the public dug up the finances of the Catholic church, scandalous takeovers of public companies, and industry brought to its knees. We also had an in depth series about the takeovers and sometimes even demolition of resorts once built and owned by the workers in companies that used to be in public ownership. We also had excellent stories on attempts to commercialize public health. At the same time we are very critical of the rise of the historical revisionism that is getting stronger in Croatia and is trying to diminish antifascist values. We live in a country where more than 3.000 antifascist monuments were turned to rubble in the last 25 years, with the explosives and blessings of our authorities. The ones still standing are being vandalised every now and then.

We made it our task, and we also see it as our professional duty, to hold accountable those who are the holders of political and economic power, who are untouchable in todays' society due to the fact that at the same time they are the biggest advertisers, and thus mainstream media will not question them. We also cover grassroots movements that aim to emancipate our citizens and democratize our society.

Lupiga's editorial policy, in general, is detecting all kinds of social anomalies and promoting resistance to all forms of hate and intolerance, protecting the public good and human, labour, social and minority rights, no matter one's national, religious or gender determination. At the moment, all of these are seriously threatened in Croatia.

The main characteristic of Lupigas' editorial policy is open approach to our authors and the content that promotes affirmative social values with the accent on human rights protection and high professional standards. Every member of the editorial staff has an equal voice in decision making, while the editor in chief overrules only in exceptional cases.

Ima nas! [Lupiga/Indiegogo]

Lupiga and Critical Media In Croatia: "We live in a country where more than 3.000 antifascist monuments were turned to rubble in the last 25 years" [Mary N. Taylor/Lefteast]

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