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A bottle of vodka worth over one-million dollars was stolen from a Danish bar

It's common for high-priced paintings and jewelry to be insured and stored with some sort of theft-proof security in place. But the bar owner of Cafe 33 in Copenhagen, Denmark didn't think to protect "the world's most expensive" bottle of vodka, Russo Baltique, reportedly worth $1.3 million, making it too easy for a thief to pilfer the liquid gold in the middle of the night. Well, not actually liquid gold, but the bottle is made of both gold and silver, and for an added touch, the a cap is "encrusted with diamonds," says BBC.

According to BBC:

Mr Ingberg, owner of the Cafe 33 bar, told broadcaster TV2 that he had borrowed the bottle from the Latvia-based Dartz Motor Company.

"It has been part of my collection for six months, but not any more," he said.

Russian luxury car maker Russo-Baltique is said to have created the vodka to commemorate the centenary of the company's factory.

The front of the bottle is decorated with leather and has a replica of the radiator guard used for Russo-Baltique cars.

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Here's a nod to Russo Baltique vodka in this House of Cards clip:

Image: Orf3us

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