Lovely survey of 2017's best cinematography

No Film school curated a best-of list showcasing some of the most striking and innovative cinematography from 2017.

-The Beguiled, DP Philippe LeSourd
-Blade Runner 2049, DP Roger Deakins
-Casting JonBenet, DP Michael Latham
-Chasing Coral, DP Jeff Orlowski & Andrew Ackerman
-Columbus, DP Elisha Christian
-Dunkirk, DP Hoyte van Hoytema
-The Florida Project, DP Alexis Zabe
-Good Time, DP Sean Price William
-Kedi, DP Alp Korfali & Charlie Wuppermann
-Menashe, DP Yoni Brook
-Mudbound, DP Rachel Morrison
-Wonder Wheel, DP Vittorio Storaro

Here's their reasoning behind each inclusion.

The Best Cinematography of 2017: Blade Runner 2049, Mudbound, and More (YouTube / No Film School)