Chinese dating apps shut down after it was revealed it used bots posing as women

Over 100,000 lonely men who thought they were communicating with women on dating apps were actually chatting with bots. According to the police report, the men paid hefty subscription fees to interact with the fake woman. The apps showed the men porn "as bait, to attract users to download and install and then lure users to continuously upgrade their membership level."

Google translation of police report:

After careful investigation by the task force found that many dating APP to make friends, courtship for the guise of the use of subtle promotional language to attract male users to install registration, and then to lure users to recharge members can enjoy the "privilege" approach to the implementation of fraud, involving APP "A city courtship," "a party dating," "a will," "a love," "a city secret tease," and "a margin."

The apps should relaunch and proudly declare that they use bots. I suspect many of their customers would not care.