GOP anti-choice congressman who slept with patients and paid for their abortions says "God has forgiven me"

Good news everyone: Scott DesJarlais, a strident anti-choice congressman and beloved Tea Party hero from Tennessee, says God has forgiven for having sex with his patients when he was a doctor and then pressuring them to get abortions.

From The Daily Mail:

A Republican congressman slept with patients when he was a doctor, had sex with his subordinates and despite a pro-life voting record, pressured women in his life to have abortions.

Scott DesJarlais, who represents Tennessee's 4th district, has so far largely escaped mounting scrutiny of legislators' conduct that has forced four to quit and two more to say they will not seek re-election.

But public records show that he had a lengthy record of dubious behavior before being elected as part of the Tea Party wave to represent the largely rural south-east Tennessee district, which stretches from just outside Chattanooga to close to the suburbs of Nashville.

DesJarlais, 53, doesn't dispute the facts. He even paid a fine levied by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners in 2013 for having sex with his patients.