Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-pack

During the holidays, cases of cheap American lager were available to Canadians which isn't exactly news but these weren't ordinary cases. These limited-edition mega-packs were full of 99 "canettes" of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Canadian hipsters were able to purchase these special packs of PBR at Quebec's convenience store chain Couche-Tard.

And buy they did...

Only in #Canada can you get a 99 case of beer! Never run out over the #holidays! ow if we can get one on a #ram... #canadianmoparclub #cmc #99pabst

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This isn't the first time a 99-pack of beer has been offered. You may remember that in 2014, Austin Beerworks in Austin, Texas offered one of its Peacemaker ale for $99. (Foodiggity)