Watch: Cruise from hell sailed right through "bomb cyclone" despite storm forecast

Just watching this video makes me seasick. A Norwegian Cruise Line ship, the Breakaway, heading from the Bahamas to New York, sailed right through the "bomb cyclone" last week, with 4,000 passengers aboard, even though weather forecasters, according to Mashable, had predicted a "storm of potentially historic proportions."

Via Mashable:

This storm and its intensity should not have been a surprise to the ship's captain or crew. In fact, it's clear that the cruise line made a decision to proceed despite the storm, rather than being surprised by it…

By the time the Norwegian Breakaway's crew decided to head through the storm and on to New York, the forecast was clearly calling for a dangerous event with high winds, building waves, and other hazards. They may have thought that cruising along the western side of the storm would minimize the waves, since the highest waves built ahead of the low pressure area, but computer models were consistent in showing an area of hurricane force winds on the backside of the storm as well.

According to the video's YouTube page, the ship consistently rocked for three days, people were sleeping in the hallways because water was leaking into their rooms, and some were walking around the ship wearing life jackets.

In the video you see water everywhere – drenched carpets, water dripping from elevators, water splashing into the ship's windows. A sign rocks back and forth, people walk at angles because of the tilt, upside-down outdoor furniture is chaotically piled, doors swing open on their own, and once the ship is out of the storm, it's covered in ice.

Via CBS:

With billowing waves and blustery winds, sailing back to Manhattan from the Bahamas was anything but unwinding for passenger Christina Mendez.

"It was hell for me," Mendez told CBS News York…

Mendez says all she's heard from the cruise line since the experience was an email soliciting feedback. Meanwhile, she says her children are still having nightmares.

"They're gonna remember when they saw a lady fall from the ceiling," she said. "They're gonna remember puking everywhere. They're gonna remember everything they heard and saw."