Need some dancing Goddess gifs? Artist Nina Paley has got you covered

On January 1, artist Nina Paley wrote on her blog, "Here are 24 individual goddess gifs to use for whatever. Free Culture. No permission needed. Go crazy. I love you."

On January 5, artist Emily Hesse posted this video she made using Paley's animations, which then went viral on Facebook (111K shares as of this writing):

Paley then responded:

I'm glad my animation is getting re-used! Just for the record, I did not (and never would) choose this music. I'm working on a scene with these goddesses for my film Seder-Masochism, that has totally different music - hopefully it'll be done in a month or so and of course I will share it online.
You can remix/re-use/whatever these goddess gifs, the whole collection is on my blog, starting here: