Peeping inside Paris's new nudist restaurant

O'Naturel is a nudist restaurant in Paris. The New Yorker's Henry Alford had a bite and an eyeful:

The visitor now faced two challenges. First: Could he pick up his napkin from the floor without alarming the other diners or projecting a mid-level degree of skeeviness? He found that he could. Then: Could he nonchalantly walk, sans napkin, fifteen feet to the rest room? Benjamin Franklin wrote that he liked to take "baths" of air by rising early and sitting before an opened window "without any clothes whatever, half an hour or an hour, according to the season." A trip to the O'Naturel rest room, the visitor feared, would feel like a Franklin bath on the hoof. But he found the mettle to stand up and walk, evidently inspiring six of the evening's other nice diners, who ended up making the same trip. Emboldened by his intra-restaurant wandering, the visitor, when he returned from the rest room, chose to leave his napkin on the table.

"Dining as Nature Intended at O'Naturel" (The New Yorker)