If you bought shares in all the companies Trump trashed since taking office, you beat the market

Barry Ritholz maintains two stock indices: the Oligarch Index contains "companies that Trump liked" in his public communications; the Drain the Swamp index has "companies that Trump trashed."

Since Trump took office, the S&P has gained 21%. The Oligarch index underperformed the market with 19.5% in gains. The Drain the Swamp index gained "a yuuge 42.5 percent."

Trump criticized Boeing Co., which has the contract for building new 747 Air Force One jets, by saying, "costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!" The stock has doubled since then, rising from $159 to $318. I wonder if more corporate executives are not secretly wishing to themselves "Please, Mr. President — more tweets!"

As for the "failing New York Times," which Trump constantly trashes while not-so-secretly yearning for reporter Maggie Haberman's approval? Its stock has appreciated 41 percent, as its digital business has skyrocketed amid record subscriber growth.

Betting Against Trump Was a Market-Beater [Barry Ritholz/Bloomberg]

(Thanks, Barry!)