A review of Starbucks' fancy $80 mug

YouTuber Dave Lee starts off his video review by saying that he went into Starbucks during the holidays to get a cup of coffee and was soon persuaded by their heavy advertising to buy an $80 Ember mug*.

"So basically I got conned into buying this thing," he says.

He goes on to talk about the Ember, which is a ceramic temperature control mug. It measures the temperature of your your coffee or tea (or whatever hot beverage) and lets you decide what temperature you want it to be all day. It also syncs with the Ember's smartdevice app.

He likes it overall but has some issues with it. For example, it doesn't hold the full 10 ounces unless it's filled to the brim. It holds more like eight to eight and a half ounces.

While I appreciate Dave's thorough review, if I'm spending $80 for a mug, it had better be making and serving me my hot beverage on a silver platter. I recently got a $40 electric kettle and — call me old fashioned, if you will — when I want to heat up my tea, I simply get off my butt, walk over to flip the kettle on, and take a break while I wait for it to heat up.

*Ember's travel mug version is a mere $150!

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