VR chat participant appears to have a photosensitive seizure

Participants in a VRChat room watched as the avatar of one of the participants appeared to go into a grand mal seizure, accompanied by distressed sounds audible through the voice-chat.

They say that the participant experienced a flicker-triggered photosensitive epileptic seizure while wearing a motion-capture suit, causing the participant's avatar to mimic the real-world seizure in VR.

The response from users in the room is not what you'd expect. As we've recently reported, like many corners of the internet, VRChat is an interesting place but also kind of a shithole, where users harass each other and scream about incoherent, often racist memes. It is entirely possible that Rogue's video is staged (I've reached out for comment and will update this story if I hear back) or that the person that appears to be suffering from the seizure is just trying to prank other users. But overall the users in the room responded compassionately.

Virtual Reality Users Watch Helplessly as Another User Has In-Game Seizure [Emanuel Maiberg/Motherboard]