Doesn't awards season make you want to make a movie?

Whether you aspire to be a filmmaker, YouTube sensation, or some other media professional, understanding videography inside and out is a must, but it can be challenging for the uninitiated. Thankfully, the web is a big place, and it's filled with a host of online tutorials for just about everything, including videography. Take the aptly-named Videography Bootcamp for example. Loaded with more than 30 hours of training, this 8-course collection can walk you through creating stunning content from start to finish, and it's on sale for $39.

This bootcamp covers videography in several mediums, including DSLR video production, drone cinematography, and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and green screens. Regardless of what you plan to produce, this collection will give you a strong foundation in all things videography as you dive into filmmaking hacks, create online content, and learn techniques from experts who have worked on big-name films like Jurassic World and Avatar.

You can catalyze your journey into the world of videography with the Videography Bootcamp, now on sale for $39.