Waiter collects 8,000 tiny artworks made from chopstick sleeves

Artist Yuki Tatsumi created Japanese Tip, an installation of the 8,000 origami "tips" left by customers at restaurants.

Tatsumi was working as a waiter when he first noticed the trend. Via Spoon & Tamago:

Since 2012 Tatsumi has not only been collecting his own tips but he's reached out to restaurants and eateries all across Japan communicating his concept and asking them to send him their tips. The response has been enormous. He's collected over 13,000 paper sculptures that range from obscure and ugly to intricate and elaborate.

Here's how to make a boat/chopstick rest from the wrapper:

A Display of 8000 Paper Sculptures Made from Chopstick Sleeves (Spoon & Tamago)