United Airlines removed woman from flight to dying mother's bedside after ticketing glitch: "nobody flies for free"

In the cosmology of bureacratic evil, United Airlines is the prince of Hell.

Minutes before departure, already buckled into her seat, she was ordered to leave the plane. The gate agent told her that her reservation had been canceled. Traveler Help Desk, the online agency that sold the ticket, had rescinded it because the landlord made a change directly through United — even though United had assured the landlord that it was not a problem to do so.

Unable to fly, Ms. Amrich drove through the night, not stopping even to use the bathroom. Her sister, in the hospital room, held a phone to their mother's ear, and Ms. Amrich begged her to hold on.

She was still driving when her cellphone rang again. Her mother was dead.

I can just see the agent's smile when they told her that "nobody flies for free."

When she complained, United called her landord, to get her address, to send her flowers.

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