Motorists falsely arrested on DUI charges describe the life-ruining results

Imagine driving home from work clean and sober, getting stopped by police, then arrested on suspicion of DUI. Several people describe the months of stress and thousands of dollars they spent to clear their names.

In their investigative report, Atlanta-based journalists Brendan Keefe and Michael King found that Cobb County Police Officer T.T. Carroll had made several such arrests:

He's a certified drug recognition expert — one of 250 Georgia officers who have gone through a month-long training course. The DRE Evaluation involves a dozen observations that allow officers not only to pronounce a driver is on drugs, but to identify which of seven types of drugs are in their system. […] Officer Carroll relies on his drug recognition expert training — but in these three dismissed cases, he did not do the full evaluation after the arrests. The standard protocol requires all 12 steps to be completed — yet, any police officer can make a DUI-drug arrest on fewer observations.

Read the full trascript of 'The Drug Whisperer'.

This is how you can be arrested for DUI — even if you're stone cold sober (YouTube / 11Alive)