Secret garden in an abandoned paper mill

From afar, and even from its own dark and derelict lower floors, this abandoned paper mill in Sweden is much like any other disused factory. But found upstairs, on the second level up, is an amazing "garden" space, half-recovered by nature. Redditor IEatBasil, posting in the marvelous Abandonedporn forum, describes it as "probably the most beautiful place I've ever been to."

This whole place was magical! It's a big, overgrown paper mill in Sweden surrounded by trees. The first floor and the basement are like the usual amazing abandoned factories. But when you climb up on the steep, rusty stairs who's probably seen better days, you enter this magical garden full of vivid colours. It's astonishingly high up to the roof and the huge windows fill up the room with sunlight. It was truly amazing to be there.

And besides it there's this that chimney you can walk into that stands almost 60 meters tall!

Photoset. What a splendid place to bug out to when the nukes fly and civilization collapses.