RNC backs Trump's military transgender ban: A 'disqualifying psychological and physical' condition

Because of course they do. The Republican National Committee supports Donald Trump's yet-unexecuted order to ban transgender people from military service, because the RNC says being transgender is "a disqualifying psychological and physical" condition.

That bigoted and ignorant statement was part of a resolution the Committee passed (without customary debate or discussion) at its annual winter meeting on Friday.

RNC members voted to support Trump's hateful order, issued by Twitter back in August, that U.S. military recruitment policy must bar transgender persons because they have "a disqualifying psychological and physical" condition.


From the Associated Press:

Trump's order has suffered legal setbacks. Three federal courts have ruled against the ban, prompting the RNC to take the position standing with Trump.

An effect of one court ruling was that the military would be required to allow transgender people to enlist beginning Jan. 1.

The issue has divided the GOP. Some Republicans in the Senate, including military veterans Joni Ernst of Iowa and John McCain of Arizona, have objected to Trump's ban.

The Defense Department is undertaking a review of recruiting policies, a process expected to be completed in the coming months. RNC member Bob Kabel said he expects Trump to abide by the recommendations in the Pentagon's review.

While the resolution states the committee supports Trump's "intent and prerogative to strengthen our military with sound personnel policies," it also urges the Justice Department to seek U.S. Supreme Court action.