Watch: Goat and coyote play. Goat thinks coyote is its friend

Look at this coyote. Food is right in front of him. It follows him around, like a sack lunch on legs. "Oh, they're great friends," you say as you watch the video, smiling.  A click and the link has been copied to your clipboard. Up it goes on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The coyote bounds around the room. The hairy sack lunch follows it. The coyote expends more energy, jumping from couch to couch. Couch jumping is hungry work. Now your friends are laughing at the adorable video. They're sharing it too! What good friends these animals are! All is right in the world! We can have nice things! The video is under a minute long. So many minutes have passed since it was filmed.

The coyote is no longer hungry.