Watch projection-mapped lights bring Vegas neon signs back to life

The Las Vegas boneyard of discarded neon signs got a brilliant makeover this month thanks to projection-mapped images that made the still-broken signs look like they were working again. The project was a benefit for The Neon Museum.

Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

On Thursday, the Neon Museum in downtown Las Vegas debuted "Brilliant!"— an audiovisual immersion experience that uses technology advances to reanimate 40 monumental examples of the museum's iconic signs.

Presented after dark in the Neon Museum's North Gallery, "Brilliant!" was created by digital artist and designer Craig Winslow using projection mapping to arrive at a shared augmented reality experience. Earth Water Sky served as the system designer and integrator.

A cool behind the scenes piece:

Their site is

Brilliant! A Neon Museum Experience (YouTube / The Neon Museum)