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A reverse CAPTCHA designed to filter out humans

"Humans Not Invited", a project by the artist damjanski, shows you a CAPTCHA that can be solved by robots using AI vision -- but not by humans, with our useless watery meatsack eyes.

As Motherboard reports:

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The internet artist dropped the site on Hacker News last week. Not long after, people had found a way to create bots to bypass the test.

Since then, Damjanski said he and a team of two other friends have been reevaluating and toughening the challenge.

“We constantly update the algorithm on different variables like for example how many pictures it serves or in another case how it blurres the images,” he said.

The bots that do gain entry live on as a list of growing list of published IP addresses. According to Damjanski, more than 30 bots have made it in so far. If one does gain access to the locked robot room, they will be greeted by the words, “Welcome! You are not a human.”

It's Turing's world, we just live in it.

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