Nihon noir: Tom Blachford's gorgeous midnight shots of Tokyo

Tom Blachford chronicled Palm Springs at midnight (previously). Now he's back with Nihon Noir, a Blade Runner inspired look at Tokyo at night, like this imposing shot of the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

Via Wallpaper:

The Australian photographer cites the 'hyper-saturated palette' of film director Nicolas Winding Refn as one inspiration for Nihon Noir – though it's Blachford's palpable homage to neo-noir sci-fi classic Blade Runner that ultimately shines. 'The art direction and premise set out by the futurist Syd Mead is so dense and well thought out. We are two years away from the 2019 in which [Blade Runner] was set, and although we don't live in off-world colonies just yet his subtle predictions about how our cities would grow are becoming true,' Blachford told us. 'The external augmentation of our buildings with air conditioners, pipes, ducts and cables as well as the density of the high rise buildings feel very much within what he predicted.'

More on his Instagram:

Nihon noir: Tom Blachford sheds light on Tokyo's dark side (Wallpaper)