Chatroulette survives as a masturbatory ghost town

Chatroulette is still alive and, unsurprisingly, full of schlongs.

For the uninitiated, Chatroulette was an Internet darling back in 2010. Created by 17-year-old Andrey Ternovskiy, the site served up the ability to have video chats with random people from around the world. At its peak, Chatroulette was host to around 35,000 users at any given moment, with a total of 1.5 million users worldwide. It was an enchanting way to meet new people from all walks of life. Musicians, jokers and attention seeking narcissists flocked to the site. Also, guys who love to jerk off in front of other people.

As most of us have the attention span of a fruit fly when it comes to shiny things on the Internet, Chatroulette eventually lost its lustre. The site's users moved on to other services that offered less of a chance of stumbling across a stranger stroking one out. Despite Chatroulette's diminished numbers, many of the wankers remained, continuing to make baby batter for strangers to this day.

The Verge's Megan Farokhmanesh recently paid a visit to the near derelict website to speak to the skeleton crew of spunk monkeys that are still manning their love pumps, longing for a female audience.

I'm quickly running out of ways to talk about masturbation and dicks, so I'll close by saying that Farokhmanesh's short feature is long on entertainment and worth taking a few moments to read.

Image Courtesy of Pexels