Artist transforms London garage into quirky firetrap

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but this whimsical artist's home featured on Barcroft TV looks as if it breaks pretty much every building code in the book.

Via Barcroft:

RENOWNED artist and set designer, Tony Hornecker, has decided to live his days in a beaten-up garage in the heart of East London – but not all is what it seems. The 43-year-old has managed to totally transform the dingy living space into a topsy-turvy wonderland that features the likes of a glitter ball from a Kylie Minogue tour and a baby's diaper that hangs from the ceiling. Tony's previous work has been displayed at The Royal College of Art and The Royal Opera House – but he remains most fond of the magical world he has created at home. The decorated artist began his work on the garage 15 years ago and continues to change up the themed rooms to this day.

I've been in a few places like this, but I see them much differently after the Ghost Ship fire.

Artist Transforms Garage Into London's Weirdest Home (YouTube / Barcroft TV)